Bathing beauties – the 10 best bird baths to buy for your garden

Why not splash out on one of these bird baths and attract some wildlife to your garden? Water will actually attract more species of birds than feeders will.

Rippled Step Bird Bath

£36 – From Not on the High Street

This rippled bird bath is made from frost-resistant glazed terracotta and will add a touch of colour to your garden, perfect for attracting the birds.

Victorian Bronze Pedestal Bird Bath

£14.25 – From Amazon

A more traditional design with plenty of space for birds, this Victorian-style bird bath looks lovely and has plenty of space for even large birds to drink and bathe.

Bird Table with Bath and Sheltered Feeder

£20 – From Not on the High Street

This feeder/bath combo is a great way to save on space and still give birds a place to eat, drink and bathe.

Contemporary Pebble Bird Bath

£99 – From Etsy

Handmade from granite with a sloping bowl and plenty of grip for the birds, this bath will make a fantastic feature for your garden all year round.

Cast Iron Free Standing Bird Bath

£11.99 – From Not on the High Street

This charming little bird bath is perfect for attracting small wild birds to your garden.

Solar Powered Classical Tier Bird Bath Water Feature

£149.99 – From Amazon

This gorgeous fountain is solar powered so you don’t need to worry about lots of wires lying around and is perfect for large and small birds.

Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket

£134.42 – From Amazon

This bird bath may look simple but its built in thermostat heats up the water when it gets too cold, meaning that it’s perfect all year round. It also has a hinge so you can easily empty and change the water after you’ve mounted it.

Garden Bird Bath Feeder – Lancashire Natural Sandstone Stone

£529.99 – From Etsy

This magnificent bird bath is hand made from limestone, is robust enough to be left out all year round and will look great in any garden.

Mountrose Mosaic Bird Bath

£23.99 – From Amazon

A great bird bath for small birds with a colourful design which will make it stand out wherever you place it.

Terracotta Hanging Bird Bath

£12.99 – From RSPB

This terracotta bird bath can be hung wherever is best to attract the birds. Its lovely red colour means it will still stand out so you can enjoy watching small birds land and play.

(Article source: The Telegraph)



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